Novello EVOO from Oilala now available for PRE ORDER only. Product ships in December. We cannot guarantee availability after November 29. Novello, or Olio Nuovo, is the special extra virgin olive oil that you get right when the oil is extracted from the olives. Normally olive oil degrades over time, so this is as fresh as it gets, and you can taste the difference. We fly this in from Italy special for our customers, to experience EVOO at its best. We will only have a limited supply so please pre-order  to ensure you receive your oil. Afterwards we wont have the fresh oil for another couple of months. All Novello olive oil will be filtered so need to worry to consume quickly, and bulk orders will last and stay fresh. 

Our Italian Extra Virgin olive oil is befitting that which makes Italian Olive Oil famous. The Oilala Extra Virgin Olive Oil, has become world renowned for its famous Coratina oil. Featuring a strong robust flavor with classic Italian Character, it has become a favorite of many chefs including the famous Chef Frank Prisinzano.



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