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Product Of California

Harvest 2018


Variety: Pendolino

Pendolino is a small Italian olive variety known for its high oil content, 22-23%, and delicate, pleasant flavor. Due to its high and constant pollen production,  it is an excellent choice for pollinating other Italian olive varieties.  It is usually planted as 10% of the orchard, and that is what Grumpy Goats Farm has done as well.   It is an early ripening olive.  The oil has soft fruity tones, with clear fresh grass,  green almond, and cinnamon traits, and a spicy ginger finish with a hint of walnut.  It is a moderately robust oil, with phenol levels between 300-400.

CCOF Certified Organic

COOC Certified Extra Virgin

Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition– SILVER (2018) BRONZE (2013)

NYIOOC Silver (2019)

Yolo County Fair– GOLD (2018, 2012) SILVER (2013) BRONZE (2014)

California Olive Oil Council (COOC)–  GOLD (2012) SILVER (2017, 2013)


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